I tread to the top of the hill
But I found I had to walk still
I looked up and saw the mountains rise
Up above my head and into the blue skies

I told myself I had to climb further
A man gives up never, oh, no sir!
My walking stick I held in my hand
And on my two feet, began to stand

But what was this, my knees failed me!
Or was it my courage, which was empty!
No man, I will not fail, not yet!
The horizon of my dreams has not seen its sunset!

Walk on my friend, walk on, I heard
Whether you’re walking on petals or a sword
Defy, fight back, rise to the call
You have many miles to go before you fall

But hark, the wind, my friend, I said!
The snow under my feet has turned a bloody red
The more I walked, the more I bled
If I’d walked anymore, why, I’d be dead!

The wind, she whispered in my ear
Have courage, my friend, hear!
Face your fears, stand tall, learn to bear
Your crown of thorns; learn to hold it dear!

I took one last deep breath, and held my head up high
Stared into the eyes of death, then looked up at the sky
And began my climb up Mount Parnassus
We have to face the fears that haunt us

It is a daunting task; yet hope dwells,
Remember – God helps those who help themselves!

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